Jennifer Caminiti | mini valentine cards

These personalized Mini Valentine cards are great to pass out to classmates, teachers, babysitters, day care givers,
bus drivers, neighbors, friends and family!

With a 2.5 x 3 business card like size - they are sure to stay in purses and wallets to pull out and show off!

$39 for a pack of 50 cards (Basic Rectangle)
$45 for a pack of 50 cards (Ornate)
stickers also available
Click on design to purchase

colors, text and fonts can be changed to match your colors and photo session theme

mini valentine cards for classmatesCSP-ToadallyCool-2x3.5V-FullImage

mini valentine photo cards CSP-ValentineTree-2x3.5H-FullImage Retro Stripe Mini Valentine CardsCSP-RetroStripeGirl-Plain-Vert-F&B Retro Stripe Mini Valentine CardsCSP-RetroStripeBoy-Plain-Vert-F&B cupcake valentine cardCSP-Plain-Vert-F&B be mine valentine cardsCSP-BeMine-Plain-Vert-F&B custom photo valentine cardssweetascandy1-horiz custom photo valentine cardsweetascandy2-plain-horiz-F&B tattoo heart valentineCSP-tattoo-Plain-Horiz-F&B mini valentine template chocolate tieCSP-chocolates-Plain-Horiz-F&B

text mini valentineCSP-chocolates-text-Plain-Horiz-F&B circle chocolate mini valentine templateCSP-chocolates-framed-Plain-Horiz-F&B