Jennifer Caminiti | cupcake
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Cupcake Stickers

Includes 8 styles: 4 cupcakes and 
4 photos of your choice

Great for use on gift tags, sealing an envelope, sealing a paper napkin ring and much more!

Cupcake Party Return Address Labels

Cupcake Party Theme Invitations

5x7 flat includes front and back & envelopes 

5x7 luxe boutique includes front & back & envelopes

Available in packages of 25

Cupcake Party Thank You Cards

4x6 flat front and back included with envelopes

Cupcake Party Invites & Thank You Cards

5x5 front & back with envelopes



Cupcake Accordian Mini Book

Show off your special day with a mini brag book, perfect for your purse!

Cupcake 20 page 5x5 spiral brag book

Each page designed with a cupcake theme.